Unicorn –  Childrens Complete Party In a Box

Unicorn – Childrens Complete Party In a Box

From £44.99

*Pre-styled Complete Set

*Magical theme

*Fun décor


Have a magical themed party with our Unicorns children’s birthday box. Everything you need to celebrate your birthday party in style! The Unicorn Children’s Birthday Party Decor Box Set is available for either up to 8 guests or up to 16 guests.

In the Unicorn Children’s Birthday Party Decor box set you get:

Unicorn Letter Banner
Unicorn Paper Cups
Unicorn 4-Colour Latex Balloon
Unicorn Paper Plates
Unicorn Plastic Table Cover
Rainbow Unicorn Shaped Balloon
Unicorn Napkins
Unicorn Horns
Unicorn Loot Bag

How does it work?

It’s simple. Everything you need to decorate your party in style comes complete in a pretty box delivered directly to your door. All you need to do is to choose whether you need up to 8 or 16 guests.

What are the content details and dimensions?

1 x Unicorn Letter Banner, 1.8m in length.
8 x Unicorn Paper Cups, 8 oz capacity.*
6 x Unicorn 4 Colour Latex Balloon, fun printed ballons.
8 x Unicorn Paper Plates, 23cm in diameter.*
1 x Unicorn Plastic Table Cover, 1.2m x 1.8m.
1 x Rainbow Unicorn Shaped Balloon.
16 x Unicorn Napkins, 33cm in diameter.*
8 x Unicorn Horns, 2 x 2 x 9 inches.*
1 x Unicorn Loot Bag – Colourful Unicorn design party bags.

*The quantities described above are for up to 8 guests. For up to 16 guests the relevant quantities are increased accordingly.

Please note the following:

*Sometimes our products may vary slightly but the overall style remains the same.
* Props may have been used in the photographs but these are not included.

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